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How To Masturbate!

Discover little known masterbation orgasm secrets that will drive you to ectasy!

Men and women are reading this fun book together and taking their love lives to new exciting levels.

The 100 Masturbation techniques you are about to learn in this book will bring your self pleasuring to new heights. They will knock your socks off! So if you are tired of the same boring methods of self stimulation get ready for a real treat.

(Ladies, learning these techniques will have your man groaning in pleasure and begging to do whatever you want him to (but don’t let him know we let the cat out of the bag).

Discover why so many people like this book:

“Must admit the cover for this book intrigued me. I had lots of fun reading it. Still not sure if I should share it with the wife just yet (smile).”

“Man what a blast. No more boring jerk sessions for me anymore. I am trying a new technique every night.”

“This book was a wild read. I never knew that there were so many ways to ‘spank the monkey’. Learned some new tricks. Bravo!”

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